Chairman’s Message

Asadulla Pasha, the founder and Chairman of the Trust, has a deep commitment towards making education possible for the people of Andhra Pradesh. His commitment is reflected in the various Adult Education and Children’s programmes that he runs for the under-privileged sections of Society. It is his endeavor to impart value education and enhance employment potential, empowering students to accept challenges with aggression and dynamism.

The Pasha Educational Trust was set up in August 2000, as a Non-Profit Organization by the Renowned Pasha Family of Hyderabad.

It is well known that education is the salvation of struggling societies. Besides providing a fountain of knowledge, it brings with it the best chance of defeating poverty, providing greater opportunity and a direct line to economic growth.

visionTo Shape student teachers as professionals to conquer the present and future Challenges by institutional and imbibing most appropriate pedagogic practices

Create and disseminate best of knowledge, skills, values attitudes and abilities most suitable to become world class teachers

missionindexTo evolve, develop and deliver dynamic learning systems, to equip teachers to be with competencies required to became professionals with conscience and commitment to excellence and confidence to face global challenges.

motoMake education possible to all, Educate to all

Scaffold – Learning to know, learning to do, Learning to live together and learning to be


Contributing to national development by providing quality education

Fostering global competencies among students by encouraging innovative techniques, Creating and entrepreneurship.

Inculcating values commensurate with social cultural, economic and environmental realities at local, national and universal levels.

Promoting use of technology

Quest for excellence

Keeping in view the above objectives, activities are required for the holistic development of the students are taken up.

Well-qualified, dedicated teacher educators with specialization in different areas, help in the modification of behavior and bringing out the best from all the student teachers.

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